Foreclosure Help for Homeowners

Trouble Paying Your Mortgage?

Need foreclosure help? If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments and are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, contact a free, legitimate HUD and/or MSHDA-certified foreclosure prevention counselor today. Don’t wait. Use the counselor locator to find one in your area. These highly trained professionals will treat you with respect, honor your privacy and most importantly lay out all your options. They will even advocate for you with your lender or servicer. Contact one now! They are your best chance of saving your home!

You should also see if you are eligible for the Step Forward Michigan Program. These programs are designed for homeowners who:

  • Receive current Michigan unemployment compensation OR
  • Have fallen behind in their mortgage payments or taxes due to a one-time involuntary crisis such as temporary layoff, medical emergency, or divorce etc. AND/OR
  • Can no longer afford their mortgage payments due to lower income.
Step Forward Michigan - foreclosure help

Behind on your Property Taxes?

If you don’t pay your property taxes within three years of when they are due, you will lose your home to tax foreclosure, which is irreversible.

If you are having trouble paying your current year’s taxes, call the local municipality that collects the taxes to see if you qualify for an exemption.

If you are behind on previous year’s taxes, call your County Treasurer to work out a payment plan and see if you are eligible to receive assistance through the  Step Forward Michigan Program.

The Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program funds are available to homeowners who:

  • Have fallen behind on their mortgage and/or property taxes of their primary residence due to an involuntary hardship AND
  • Are now capable of sustaining their property tax payments AND
  • Live in a participating Michigan county.

Approved homeowners are eligible for a one time payment of up to $30,000 to pay outstanding county and local property taxes, which will be sent directly to their county treasurer. Reference the following list of participating county treasurers to see if this program is available in your locality.

Beware of Foreclosure Scams!

No matter how professional and convincing someone appears,

  • Never pay anyone up front to help you work with your lender.
  • Never trust anyone who guarantees they can save your home; only your lender or servicer can guarantee this since they make the decision.
  • Never sign anything you haven’t read or don’t fully understand.
  • Always seek the help of a FREE HUD or MSHDA-certified foreclosure counselor.

If you think you’ve been the victim of a foreclosure scam, report it by contacting the Michigan State Attorney General’s Office or calling 877.765.8388. If you would like to register a complaint about a licensed mortgage broker or lender contact the Office of Financial and Insurance Services or call 877.999.6442.

Considering a Land Contract?

The wave of foreclosures has left many with extensive credit damage.  Individuals who no longer qualify for conventional loans have increasingly turned to land contracts as a means to purchase a home.  While a land contract can be a viable and valuable alternative to traditional financing, it can also cause significant problems for both buyers and sellers who enter into a poorly crafted contract.

The Michigan Foreclosure Task Force Land Contract Guide provides basic guidance for both buyers and sellers considering entering into a land contract.

Vacant Property Problems?

Every foreclosed home is a vacant home for a period of time. A vacant home can cause all kinds of problems, from unmowed lawns and broken windows to more serious things like attracting drug dealers and other criminals. To report problems, call the code enforcement office of your local city or township. If you suspect there is criminal activity, call your local police or sheriff’s department.

If you want to organize a vacant property campaign in your neighborhood, contact the Michigan Vacant Property Campaign.

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