Comprehensive Land Use Planning Best Practice: Detroit Works Project

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The highest profile “shrinking” city effort in the nation has been Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s Detroit Works Project. Launched by Mayor Bing in 2010 as a process to create a shared, achievable vision for our future that would serve as a guide to help improve the physical, social and economic landscape of our city, DWP convened a number of public meetings to engage residents in a discussion about Detroit’s future.

Then, in July of 2011 Mayor Dave Bing introduced the Short Term Actions strategy of the Detroit Works Project (pdf) and announced he separated the project into two tracks—Short Term Actions and Long Term Planning. Today, the Long Term Planning for the project is being done outside of city hall and is being led by a steering committee who oversees the work of the technical and civic engagement teams. They are charged with developing meaningful and inclusive engagement strategies to gather the expertise of the community and combined it with the technical analysis; and then produce a strategic framework plan for our future by August 2012. The civic engagement work of DWP’s Long Term Planning is being overseen by the Detroit Community Design Collaborative at the University of Detroit-Mercy, with significant assistance from Michigan Community Resources.

City leaders are directing the Short Term Actions work; a process using data about Detroit neighborhoods to guide decisions about how to best to leverage resources and make adjustments to how some city services are delivered today.

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