Wayne County: Legal Services for Delinquent Borrowers

In Wayne County, the United Community Housing Coalition has worked with Michigan Legal Services to pioneer the Tax Foreclosure Prevention Program since the early 2000s. These nonprofit legal services organizations have worked with a variety of local partners, including community development corporations, Detroit City Council members, state legislators, and others to reach out to delinquent borrowers across Detroit via mail, phone, and door-knocking campaigns to (a) alert occupants of the pending tax foreclosure; (b) assist them in making payments; and /or (c) assist them in applying for poverty exemptions and hardship extensions. View/download an example of an educational brochure used for outreach (pdf).

For more information about United Community Housing Coalition, contact Ted at tphillips@uchcdetroit.org.

For more information about Michigan Legal Services, contact Marilyn at mmullane@michiganlegal.org.

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